Research & Treatment

Barbara A. Goff, MD

Women with gynecologic cancers have far more options for treatment now than they would have had 50 years ago. In this soundbite, 2013-2014 SGO president Barbara A. Goff, MD, shares her thoughts on the treatment advances that have strengthened the fight against women’s cancer.


Kathleen Moore, MD

SGO takes a look back at the major milestones in the care and treatment of gynecologic cancers. Kathleen Moore, MD, walks us through the some of the most notable advancements in the fight against women’s cancer in recent years.

Gregory M. Gressel, MD

The ability to fund research is important to SGO’s rising leaders. In this clip, Gregory M. Gressel, MD discusses how the Society supports early career GYN oncologists and researchers.


Matthew Powell, MD

For 50 years, SGO has advanced the treatment of women’s reproductive cancers. Matthew Powell, MD, reflects on the biggest trends in gynecologic cancer treatment over the last 20 years.