Scientific Plenary I: Snap, Crackle, PARP

Scientific Plenary


  • John Chan, MD, California Pacific & Palo Alto Medical Foundation/Sutter Health Research Institute, San Francisco, CA
  • Barbara Norquist, MD, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA


  • Kathleen Moore, MD, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

Description: For those who like high impact science but have short attention spans, we present Snap, Crackle, PARP! Come and hear the latest PARP inhibitor related science, in a session designed with maximal efficiency in mind.

Location: Kamehameha 3

Time without symptoms or toxicity in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer receiving niraparib maintenance treatment versus placebo: A TWIST analysis of the ENGOT-OV16/NOVA trial

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A prospective evaluation of tolerability of niraparib dosing based upon baseline body weight and platelet count: Blinded pooled interim safety data from the ENGOT-OV26/PRIMA study

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The effect of age on efficacy and safety outcomes with rucaparib: A post hoc exploratory analysis of ARIEL3, a phase III, randomized, placebo-controlled maintenance study in patients with recurrent ovarian carcinoma

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Costs and benefits of tumor testing for BRCA mutations in high-grade serous ovarian cancer as a triage for confirmatory genetic testing

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Simultaneous clinical testing for germline and somatic mutations in ovarian carcinoma (OC): Mutation rate and impact on therapeutic decisions

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PARPi after PARPi in epithelial ovarian cancer

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