SGO 50th Anniversary

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The History of SGO

In January 1968, Hervy E. Averette, MD, and John J. Mikuta, MD, identified a need for the creation of a medical society focused solely on gynecologic oncology. The proposed purpose of the new organization was to “stimulate interest in gynecologic cancer and to promote the training and education of individuals in this area of interest.” The working title for the proposed organization was the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists.

In May 1968, Drs. Averette and Mikuta gathered other likeminded fellows of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to discuss the potential for this new organization. Those in attendance agreed to form a society consisting of obstetrician-gynecologists whose major interest was gynecologic cancer. In January 1969, interested parties were gathered to formalize the creation of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO).

SGO changed its name to the Society of Gynecologic Oncology in May 2011, recognizing SGO’s expanded membership, which now includes representatives from the entire cancer care team, including medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists, researchers, gynecologic oncology nurses and physician assistants, palliative care specialists, and social workers. The SGO celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Society at the 2019 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, March 16-19, 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii.